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The Metamorph Phenomena


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I want to open a restaurant without food !!!!

An inspirational talk from Metamorphic’s CEO on intersectional thinking If you enjoy this Meta Talk why not explore some of the other talks by great young speakers who are world changers and then become a part of the conversation as together we change the world in one generation. If you are interested in...
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Productivity in Leadership: How to set a schedule that inspires you

As a leader, you know that you do not move forward in life by default; growth and forward motion require effort and intention. Yet how often do we go through our days responding to the various demands that arise, without stopping to consider what is most important for that day: what are the tasks or...
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Productivity in Leadership: It’s all in your head

We all know that leadership and influence comes with increased demands and responsibilities. So it follows that if we aspire to be influential leaders in our communities and nations, we need to enlarge our capacity to juggle the various demands that will inevitably arise. A leader can only ever be as great as his or...
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