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Our Charity – MClub Online

Our Charity

BYOP - Build Your Own Project

At M Club one of our highest values is generosity. We believe that business is not just about our personal transformation, its about bringing transformation to those in the developing world, just because we can! In fact we see it as our responsibility to leverage what we have been given to benefit others. Business is not just about us, its about others.

Because of this conviction we have set up a charity that is bringing transformation to many nations. since 2002 we have been able to conduct projects and programs in more than 6200 communities around the world and it is our hope that you will join with us to make a significant difference in the live of others.

Metamorphic is the charity and its name describes everything it achieves and the actual essence of M Club. Metamorphic means – Transformation.

The Metamorphic charity has a number of initiates that suit most peoples background and belief system. For this that are of a Christian world view there is the Metamorphic Church Planting Fund that has seen more that 6,000 churches launched and planted in fourteen years.

There are of course many other initiates for those of various world views including water projects, medical projects, micro enterprise programs, solar power programs, child education programs and many other community development initiatives.

Why not click here and visit our charity – Metamorphic or email us at info@metamorphic.org.au so that we can help you become one of the team that becomes the difference.

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