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Model Farms – The Way to Go! – MClub Online

Model Farms – The Way to Go!

CambodiaOne thing that we constantly hear from those we train here at Metamorphic is how much it’s appreciated that Metamorphic does not blow into a country then blow out leaving a whole lot of resource but no way of maintaining or sustaining the assistance we have provided.  In a number of countries Metamorphic has instigated, and through local partners, set up model farms that are now being used to train and equip thousands in skills that include hygiene and sanitation, business, agricultural and sustainable environmental methods.

Our most recent model farm in Cambodia now provides training in no less than 8 areas of agriculture, 6 areas of animal husbandry and also instruction on how individual households can set up sustainable bio gas systems that benefit them both economically and environmentally.

Community Leaders and Pastors from around the nation of Cambodia now frequent this farm then return to their communities to pass on these skills.  By partnering with a local orphanage in Cambodia in this initiative the crops and production from the farm significantly help to fund this orphanages work in the community while also providing training and income for the children who reside there.

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