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M Club Corporate

The M Club programs for corporate clients are designed to accelerate the development of your best talent and extract the untapped potential of your team. We work with you to develop a high performance culture of of ideation and delivery where you become the disruptor and not the disrupted.

M Club corporate programs are designed for companies that want to be at the forefront of their industries, being the leaders and positioning as the experts in their field. Each of these programs are transformational in nature and will deliver results previously thought to be impossible. We want to not only empower your key personnel to be thought leaders but also to be implementation experts as your team embark on a new journey of effectiveness where limitations disappear.

So if you have a group of already talented people that you want to launch into a new level, a level where they position your enterprise as market leaders and industry experts, we have a program that will be tailored especially for you.

Every program is effectively customised to suit your companies needs, however these are the four big issue we address regularly.

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There are three primary levels that we can engage with your business on.

1. One on one mentoring

By working with one or more of your key talent we can help shift your organisation in the agreed direction whether that be in regard to innovation, thought leadership, sales or market positioning. This is an effective way to prototype the behaviours that you want to reproduce for the future and is an excellent way of retaining key team members and leveraging their skills. This program is completely flexible in terms of delivery also as we set dates that fit for your team.

2. Key Team Group Work

We will work with your key team, usually made up of your C Suite, your new and bright talent or a mixture of both. This group will become the ideas gurus as they look at creating the future and differentiating you from your competitors, in fact this is where we say goodbye to competition. This journey will also skill the team up for effective rapid implementation and a way of selling that really isn’t selling. A major part of this program is to produce industry leaders and subject matter experts that become the authority in your industry. The team will learn how to create written pieces for industry publications, white papers that position your company as the experts as well as being skilled up to be great presenters and speakers.

3. The Transformation Package

The Transformation Package is designed to revolutionise your entire business and is suitable for those that need a full overhaul or for those that want to prepare their company or enterprise to sell. We start with a health check of the business and then devise a prescriptive approach to get you to where you want to be and develop the culture that can support that. To be clear, this is not a change management program and is unlike most programs on the market. In fact this program is not even about change as we at M Club believe that change is broken – that it doesn’t actually give you lasting results. This is a full immersion program of transformation which will re define your business, your position in the market, the way you attract talent and ultimately the bottom line. We are not looking to deliver incremental improvement but rather to create something new, something not seen before. We refer to this experience as Vuja De – seeing something for the first time…