Innovation Part 6 – Creating an Ecosystem of Innovation


In this final installment on innovation I will look at how we at Metamorphic are developing an eco system of innovation.The Silicon Valley experience has been revolutionary for both me personally and for our organisation, Metamorphic. As a result of this experience we are committed to limitless innovation, creating intersections of innovation, leading innovation and sustaining it. Our focus is now very deliberately on monetising our innovation and we are currently developing our ecosystem of innovation.

This ecosystem is being developed by better using our resources, what Nav Radjou et al called “Jugaad Innovation”, which in Hindi means an improvised solution  born from ingenuity and resourcefulness, or what I would term as “Frugal Innovation”. This ecosystem is being developed by celebrating not just successes but ideas and solutions. Our focus is a renewed commitment to the innovation process that begins with ‘empathy’ (asking the right questions and consulting the communities we work in) and then flows onto ‘practical entrepreneurship’ (or problem solving) and then concluding with ‘story telling’, which is not just our ‘Go to Market Strategy’ but the very reason we exist.

This ecosystem is being purposely designed to attract the best talent available into a new age of innovation, our very own zeitgeist. In observing the ecosystem at work at a culture level at Google I was interested to hear from employees David, Allison and Ramnath. Allison commented that, “Google allows people to have ideas, it backs them even if they fail, but then they learn from them”. David when asked what makes up the culture at Google replied, “Googliness, the people must be fun, must be quirky”. It is the deliberateness of creating a whole ecosystem from the inside to the outside that I believe can pave the way for us to be the leaders in innovation in our space.

A new era at Metamorphic has dawned as we very deliberately build an eco system of innovation an eco system that permeates our culture, who we are and what we do. At Metamorphic we have always focussed on why before we decide how and what and this has never been more true today. On Friday 19 July 2013, the launch of Metamorphic 2.0 will take place and forever reflect the eco system of innovation that we live and breath every day on our journey to change the world in one generation .

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