Innovation Part 1 – Limitless Innovation


I recently visited the Silicon Valley which was an awe inspiring experience. Funnily enough it was not somewhere that I had ever really passionately desired to visit but what I observed was both enlarging and life changing. The sheer scale of the Valley was both exciting and scary with its very own unique culture of innovation, quirkiness and self belief. What I saw and experienced was ‘limitless innovation’.

The challenge of course is to transfer that experience into a meaningful result back here in Australia. One thing for certain is that I will never see innovation quite the same and certainly never limit it to a new version of something old but rather look for new means of creativeness that benefits all of those around Metamorphic.

Silicon Valley has nudged me into a new mindset, a mindset of Veja Du, the sense of seeing something for the first time and it is at that intersection that we will bring this experience to life in our local context. At Metamorphic we have now embarked on a journey of doing things and seeing things for the first time and in that space want to help others do the same. Innovative design is so crucial to our future and as Paul Bennett of IDEO says “the future can’t be designed by itself” and so we have a new sense of commitment to creating, designing and scripting the future.

In many ways this visit to the Valley felt like a giant experiment as I meandered my way through the corridors of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco and others. So my part in this experiment is to act on this experience and realise that there is actually no limit to innovation – other than that which I perceive or create.

In the words of Sun Tzu, “opportunities multiply as they are seized “ and limitless multiplying innovation is what we seize.

In our next installment on innovation we will look at Creating Intersections for Innovation.

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