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M Club High Performance – MClub Online

M Club High Performance

The Program

M Club High Performance is an exclusive club designed for already successful people that want to take their businesses and lives to the next level in an accelerated fashion.

This high level immersion program will help get you focussed on the possibilities and empower you to design your future with clarity and purpose. You will be transformed into an ideas machine that can implement rapidly. The M Club experience is laced with rich content while being high on relationship. It is in this place that dreams are fulfilled and futures created. It’s here that you become a Metamorph, someone that overcomes change to become the disruptor and not the disrupted. It’s here that you learn to laugh at the impossible and then do it.

Founder of M Club Lindsay Clarke will personally engage with you on this transformational journey as you discover your own unique characteristics and celebrate the life you are meant to live as the new significant you. A you without limitations. Lindsay will take proven principles that are now being used in thousands of communities around the world to empower you to be the leader you were meant to be, so that you too can become a transformer.


The four pillars of this process of transformation are:

The Metamorph You

You are unique and its that uniqueness that we intend to harness and then launch into your new future. The significance of who you are, the ideas you can create and your capacity to realise them will be extracted and polished.

We want to help you find your purpose, your message so that you can build your future on what you are passionate about. We will help you develop a system of creating ideas that becomes your own powerful and personal narrative. The Meta system will help you focus on what you can be the best at and give you an edge that takes you out of the competition.

Your new transformational mindset will result in the emergence of significant you, where you are no longer limited by past experience but instead you are empowered to create your own future.

The Metamorph Leader

As a Metamorph leader, you will discover how to develop your ideas and innovations into powerful go to market propositions. You will be empowered to transform your ideas into reality as you present them in unique and original ways using a blend of uncommon sense and industry knowledge to position you for great impact.

As a Metamorph leader you will no longer be frustrated with not knowing how to take your valuable ideas to market, but instead will have a powerful and compelling story to tell, that those around you will want to follow.

This part of your transformation journey will give you the confidence to launch new ideas regularly and incisively.

The Metamorph Team

This is the next level, where we collaborate, brainstorm and unpack your ideas for the whole class to give input. The value extracted here is extreme as group think takes over and a room full of consultants bring to life your propositions.

We also look at the mystery of culture and how to create it showing you how to build a culture that attracts the right people to your organisation or to your ideas. This where we get beyond great ideas and ways to market, it’s in this space that we create a cult-like following for our product, service, and narrative.

The Metamorph Kingdom

The Metamorph Kingdom is the unleashing of our full potential as we plan to leave our very own legacy on planet earth. The scarcity mindset goes and we understand that we have no competition because we are both unique and significant. It is at this point that we come to the realisation that we have unlimited potential, unlimited creativity, unlimited resources, unlimited ideas, unlimited influence. In fact, we are unlimited and we have the capacity to step into the intersection of possibilities and not just be transformed but become a transformer.

It from this position of strength that we can fulfill purpose, do something noble, something bigger than ourselves. It is from here that we break poverty, shift a nation or rescue a child at risk. It is here that our ideas and businesses find meaning.

The Methodology

The methodology is based around the concept of transformation with the belief that true transformation begins with thought. So effectively we are mentoring you to become not just thought leaders but thought transformers.

The underlying concept is that what you think will ultimately determine what you believe and what you believe will become what you speak – your message – your brand and then what you speak will in turn become the outcome of your life.

So we don’t believe in conforming to what the market says or what society says but instead we commit to regular transformation through the process of renewing our minds. It’s from this place that we become the disruptors instead of the disrupted… It’s called leadership.

Our methodology is outworked through events, one on one mentoring and interaction with the cohort as a whole.


Your mentoring package includes one on one scheduled appointments with one or more of our team of dedicated business mentors. And you get to choose who your mentors will be within the M Club framework. Added to that you have regular access to our team for impromptu chats that help move your ideas, life, and business forward in between appointments.

The Cohort

The cohort that you will be a part of are hand picked to ensure that there is a diversity of experience and expertise that will give you maximum returns in terms of building and sharpening each other. The cohort becomes a rich source of encouragement, connection and future business and unlimited collaborative opportunities.


We hold four events each year beginning in February. These four 3 day events are what we term transformation events where effectively you enter into a cocoon and emerge somewhat different than you entered. Now we don’t put you a confined space or a literal cocoon but rather we immerse you in the M Club way of operating and thinking in an environment where it is safe and without distraction. The results are truly transformational. A little bit like the journey of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This is a crucial part of what we facilitate at M Club. Many mentoring and coaching programs promote change but almost none result in transformation. The difference is extreme, as change is not actually a permanent state, in fact, it is usually a temporary solution that can easily be undone. But transformation is permanent and that is what we expect to see in those that complete M Club High Performance.

The Community

The M Club community is a place that like-minded people come to be transformed and to transform. It’s a place of learning, inspiration, collaboration, of exchange, as we commit to being the best version of us that we can possibly be, while helping others find their best self also.

Our community takes place in several ways, there is our online community, our social and networking events and there are collaborative opportunities to do business and life.

Our online community is the place where you can access all of the learnings that you have experienced at our events and where you can interact with people from other cohorts and other parts of the world on the M Club way of thinking. there is a chat room and space to interact and collaborate on ideas and business concepts.

Every year we facilitate several events in different cities whether it be snowboarding in Queenstown, wine, and cheese in Melbourne or the car racing in Darwin, there are multiple opportunities to connect and build our community.

Who Should Join M Club?

This program is designed for already successful people to go to the next level:

  • entrepreneurs that want to get an edge
  • communicators that want to become world class
  • coaches, trainers and mentors that want to multiply their businesses
  • corporates that want to break out and build their thing
  • those that want to re invent themselves and their future
  • consultants that want to bring clarity to their game
  • business owners that want to develop there business for breakthrough

How Do I Join M Club?

What Is The Investment?

The full investment for whole twelve month program is $12,000 paid by way of deposit and then in full three weeks before the commencement of the program.

Alternatively you can pay a deposit of $2640 followed by eight easy payments of $1320.
(all prices excl GST)

Join now

Simply click on the online application form below, complete it and press send and we shall be in contact with you to arrange everything you need to make this the most amazing mentoring experience you have had. Or you can download an application from the below menu and send back to us by mail or email.

online application

Download The Files Below:

These files are in PDF format.  Please fill in the agreement and return via Mail or eMail.

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What Others are saying about Mclub

  • The community of Mclub is going to provide a lot of good networking going forward as well as a lot of opportunities for good feedback and good connections to develop things together and to work together on new projects and new Ideas.

    Stephen Rogers
  • The training standard is extraordinary, the tools that you take away to work with are extraordinary and the way it is structured with a few days training and then follow-up in between is a fantastic way to bring transformation and embed it into your business and life.

    Alison Schienna
  • The greatest value of Mclub for me is I now know what I want to do and what I have to do to get there.

    Carl Hauschild
  • Do it! – it will give you focus, it will give you clarity, it will help you to move forward quickly and be very clear about your business goals.

    Louise Taylor