Creating Culture – Part 8: Partnership

Partnership is another of the important aspects of Metamorphic culture as we are committed to taking others on our journey as well as joining them on theirs.

In a society that promotes individualism its important to understand the law of synergy and the power of partnership or team. The law of synergy says that the whole is greater than the sum of all its parts. In other words we can achieve so much more in life, in relationships if we will work together for each others success.

At Metamorphic we are committed to helping each other and although we celebrate each others uniqueness we are focussed on multiplying our abilities and gifts to get a greater result together.

Once again its one of the missing traits in the majority of developing nations and so as we teach our students to cooperate instead of compete we see amazing results as they help each other in business, in community development projects and in the Churches they plant.

Almost everything we do is about partnership as we endeavour to get donors, volunteers, prayer partners working with the Metamorphic team and then with all of our overseas connections. Partnership has resulted in Metamorphic working in more than 2,050 communities around the world, a result that no one man could achieve on his own.

Never doing ministry, business, life alone is the reason that part of the Metamorphic mantra is “ together we are better “.

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