Creating Culture – Part 7: Abundance

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Another of the 5 Metamorphic cultures is Abundance. To our team abundance is central to all that we believe; we believe that God is an abundant God and we believe that we are created to be abundant people.

When we think about abundance it covers all areas of life; relationships, attitude, finances, in fact it forms our world view. This has been core in our training regime in developing nations as its another of the missing components that keeps many people enslaved by poverty. Its not unusual to hear comments such as ‘its alright for you, you are from Australia’, as if abundance has something to do with our geography.

The truth is that abundance is not about geography; its about world view, its about my philosophy of life. Our team choose to see God as a generous God. He is generous in His grace towards us, His love toward us and His provision for us in every area of life. Once a person understands this they are no longer captive to circumstance or environment and so are free to determine a better future.

One of my favourite things to do is to go to a restaurant with the Metamorphic team. Firstly because I enjoy their company but secondly because I love to see our culture in action. Without fail everybody will fight for the bill. Some team members will even resort to sneaky underhanded tactics like disappearing to the bathroom, not to avoid the bill but to pay it before it gets to the table. I love that!

But abundance is not just about finance its about the whole of life. Its about how we see God, the way we see each other and the way we see ourselves. If we see a big God without limit then our world will be big. If we see other people and the enormous potential that is within them then we will be generous toward them and committed to helping them succeed. If we look in the mirror and believe that we too are created for greatness and that God loves us just as we are then we become confident to live our lives at a higher level.

I love big people who don’t limit God , others or themselves.

Next, the culture of Partnership.

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