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Creating Culture – Part 1 – MClub Online

Creating Culture – Part 1

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Culture is the single most important ingredient to building a strong ministry, business, family or personal life.

In years of Business and Ministry I have found that the fundamentals of creating culture are universal. They are not complicated and any leader that pays careful attention to them will have the capacity to develop a winning culture.

Culture begins with our thinking. The Bible puts it this way in Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinks in is heart, so is he” Developing a strong winning culture begins by having a clear pattern of thinking, a clear pattern of commitments that we have made in life. It’s the burning yes in us that allows us to say no. Culture is developed when we deliberately renew our minds to a way of thinking that is uniquely us and about what we intend to do, its these thoughts that distinguish us from others people, businesses or ministries. These thought patterns become the foundation that we build culture on.

Once we have strong non compromising thought process we can begin to build a belief system to go with that. What I think will ultimately determine what I believe and what I believe comes from the convictions I have about life and my purpose. Belief is when my culture goes from a nice idea to who I actually am. I may change my thinking regularly but my belief system is immovable and so is the real me.

If what I think effects what I believe then what I believe definitely changes the way I speak or the confession of my mouth. Culture has a language, it has a sound. For those who have not established a strong culture their language may appear fickle and without power. But when allow what you believe, the convictions of your heart to come out of your mouth, there is power and integrity in what you say.

Finally if what we think effects what we believe and what we believe effects what we speak then what we speak affects the outcome of our lives. There is no doubt that we can decide our future by building a strong culture, one that is based on a way of thinking, one that has a strong belief system, one that has a vibrant deliberate language that all determine the outcome of our lives.

Culture is the single most important ingredient to building a strong ministry, business, family or personal life.

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